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Barrier Terminal Blocks

Series - 100

Double Row, Low Barrier, Open Back moulded in Bakelite / Melamine and TYPE APPROVED BY LCSO - Bangalore to JSS. 52720 Standatds in MELAMINE only. Electrical Ratings 5A, 10A, 20A @ 1000 Volts rms.

TB.120 130 135

Series - 50
Single Row, High barrier, Closed back moulded in Nylon-6.6 available in Electrical Ratings of 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A, 30A @ 300 Volts and Pitches of 7.62, 8.25, 9.5, 11.0 mm.

TB.52 53 54 56 56B 56T


Single Block moulded in ABS with 2 Feed-thru terminals for PCB's at 9.5 mm pitch when added-on. Electrical Rating 10A / 300 Volts. Standard moulded in Grey colour. (Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black available on request).



Push Buttons

Industrial Grade 16mm Dia Push buttons with Normally open contacts, press to on ( Non-locking) ,housed in Nickel Chrome Plated Brass Body with Tinned Kliptite / Solder terminals mounted in Electrical grade Bakelite base, with a choice of White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green colour buttons. Electrical rating: - 3 Amps at 230V AC,Contact resistance is 2.3 .Tested by IDEMI, Mumbai.


Indicator Lights

Electronic Instrument and Control Panel grade Indicator lights in various sizes / diameters from 10mm to 25mm with Filament lamps / Neons / LEDs with or without built-in lamps available in voltage ranges from 3V-220V AC / DC. Choice of Metal or Plastic bodies with screw, solder terminals, flying leads and a variety of colour lenses. 


10P 12 16 18 22
Annunciator Windows (LED)

Visual Signal Indicators using Super Bright LEDs, Flush Front Panel Mount with Snap-Fit Frames and Colured Screens (Red, Green, Amber and White) suitable for Engraved or Photo-Type set Legends. Available in Operating Voltages of 12, 24 and 48V DC.

AW.5530 AW.7035 AW.7052

Enclosures 75 Series(Din Rail)

We are pleased to introduce our new DIN-RAIL Enclosures in Siemens grey, Moulded in ABS & five different sizes to choose from. These Enclosures unlike our 70 Series are with shrouded Terminal Cover & the Housing suitably designed to accommodate PCB Terminal Blocks with a pitch of 5.08mm available on request in 2 & 3 ways for convenience & flexibility as per customer’s requirement.


7545 7555 7570 7510 7500

Enclosures 70 Series(Din Rail)

DIN Rail / Panel Mount Enclosures moulded in ABS for Electrical / Electronic sub-systems like Timers, Proximity / Level Switches, Temperature Controllers etc. in various sizes with 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 32 Terminals.


7045 7055 7060 7075 7010 7015

Enclosures (Flush Mount)

DIN Standard Flush Rear Panel Mount complete with mounting clamps (screw type) and cradle having Zinc Passivated Base Plate and two channels. These Enclosure are moulded in ABS and are suitable for Temperature Controllers / Indicators, Digital Timers / Counters and other Electronic / Electrical Instruments, Sub-Systems etc. Enclosures can be offered with Front and Rear Terminal plate Blank or with Terminals.

EF.4848 EF.72 EF.96

Electronic Hooters

Solid-State Electronic Hooter 3 Watt rms with variable Tone and Volume control. Tone frequency range is from 300Hz to 1000Hz and Sound output is 95dB rms at the distance of 1 meter with controls on the rear panel. DIN Standard Housing (96mm x 96mm x 86mm) Flush rear panel mounting in ABS plastic in Grey colour with suitable mounting clamps. Panel Cutout is 92mm x 92mm. Weight is 500gms for AC powered units and 350gms for DC powered units. Electrical ratings:-350mA @ 110 / 230V AC and 12 / 24V DC.


Electronic Hooter, solid-state, 3 watts rms with fixed Volume & Tone. Sound output 95 dB at 1 meter. DIN Std Housing 96 x 96 x 65 mm. Flush near panel mounting in ABS-Black with Mounting Clamps. Panel cut-out 92 x 92 mm. Wt. 410 gms. Electrical ratings 350 mA @ 110/220 V AC and 12/24 V DC.



Long Life, Low Power Consumption, using Super Bright LED's for continuous fine glow with pictures of your favorite Deities, Saints, Guru's etc. to Bless your homes.
Operating Voltag : 220V AC
Power Consumption : 0.8 Watts


Operating Voltage : For U.K. 220V AC & FOR US 110V AC